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Sep. 20th, 2017 09:08 am
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Back in the trap.
I flew into Orlando last night, and now I'm in my mother's house. There's no damage I can find, other than plants. Today I'll put up the flagpole again and set the courtyard to rights and neaten up the mess we left in packing and rushing out and empty the freezer. I don't trust any meat left in there during the power outage, though the bags of ice we'd packed between things didn't melt. I'm a bit uncertain about the water -- there had been a boil water advisory for most of last week. Though it's been lifted, I don't know if I should flush water currently in the pipes and being run through the refrigerator for ice and cold water. I will have to find a market, as there's no fresh food or meat here I can eat. I might make a loaf of bread in the machine.

It was lovely to be away, though there's a huge difference between living somewhere and just visiting. It's hard for me to go back to some places as a tourist, now. I desperately want to move, to find a new home that I like or maybe can love again. I can hope.

Adventures of Gabi.

Sep. 19th, 2017 02:34 pm
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I really, really need to stop being so high strung. Considering I've seen people on YT and such with their dolls fall from heights, flat on their faces, I don't think I need to worry about Gabi falling on her face in my backyard. On grass...there could've been a twig there, and that little scratch may have been on her face since I got her.

I mean, they must get a little bumped during packaging and considering she's a repackaged Truly Me...well. Eh, she's a dancer, she got that dancing. Or she could've done a me, walking into a record when it was hanging sideways from the rafters (don't ask but they hurt like hell).

Anyway...summer has returned with vengeance. It is horribly hot out, and my mood is so bad I can't even put it into words. It isn't even the weather completely doing it, but we'll refrain. Thought I'd take Gabi out for a few pictures, with Princess. Stayed out as long as I could, was going to do some shots inside but the light is a little weird at the moment. It is sunny out, but if you're inside you'd think it was clouding over to rain.


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I was thinking doll photos would make my mood better...hahahaha, was I wrong. Someone tell me to stop worrying about that mark on her face. If I took a close up shot you probably wouldn't even see it then.

high and dry

Sep. 16th, 2017 09:44 am
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For a week, now. I've only today secured the wifi password here.

My mother is still with my brother in Virginia Beach. He's planning on driving her down to Florida in the near future and then staying with her for a few more days. I've shuffled a little but, but I'm currently in Fairfax, Virginia. I've seen friends, been drunk on art in the newly installed and expanded collection of the National Gallery and other museums. Olya is back from Iceland and staying with friends nearby. So long as my mom is with family, I would like to travel a little farther afield, maybe up to NY, if I can find reasonably priced lodging. Unfortunately, my close friend Reiko is not in town, having been called to Japan by the death of her mother. She'll be in Leeds, England for a month from September 28th. I'd thought about traveling over there to meet her, but Irma has drained finances a bit.

From neighbor accounts, my mother's house was untouched aside from plant damage outside and some cracked roof tiles. I have had no word on the condo, but buildings on my street seem OK. The power is on and the boil water advisory has been lifted. Still some problems with internet and cable connections. I'm very glad we left. Mom is bored and wants to go back asap, but I'm grateful to be out of Florida!!!!

Dear Trick or Treater

Sep. 10th, 2017 04:44 pm
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Hello, and thank you for offering one of my fandoms! I love everything I requested and I'm excited to see what you come up with. If you have an idea already then there's no need to read my letter; I'm very easy to please when it comes to exchange fic ;-) But if you want a feel for my tastes, I've written up some general info and prompts below.

For the record, these are me:
[ profile] lnich
[ profile] fenellaevangela

General Likes
Secrets! Secret identities, secret relationships, identity porn, someone is secretly a mermaid
AUs: paranormal AUs, scifi AUs, weird AUs like with zerophilia or institutionalized ghosthunting
Shippy stuff, including smut and not-smut
Sex pollen, body sharing, breathplay
Pregnancy (dark and fluffy), including mpreg
Time travel (of all types, but also for selfcest purposes - look, I watched Predestination and had a lot of feelings, okay?)
I'd be delighted by a fusion or crossover between my requested fandoms (like, maybe the aliens from Decoys are part of the invasion in People of Earth!) or with my requested characters from another fandom encountering my Original Works characters (are they aliens who interact with characters from People of Earth or Decoys? Do Alice or FP cross paths with Bigfoot?)

Things I'd like for tricks!
What do I mean when I request a trick? I've requested tricks for all of my fandoms and my main intent was to get something spooky or creepy, particularly on the darker side of paranormal. Hauntings! Curses! Etc! Or someone pretending there's a haunting or a curse for nefarious purposes. This can insert a new paranormal element into the canon (Pemberley is haunted!) or play up an existing element (Batsquatch terrorizes some motorists or an experiencer is freaked out when they're abducted).

Another type of trick I'd be interested in is fucked up or dark ship fic - relationships with deception, manipulation, or other dysfunction. In terms of sexual content, I would prefer no physically violent sex between men and women, but that's my only restraint.

Things I'd like for treats!
Shippy stuff would be great! Getting together, fluffy curtain fic, a soulmate AU, or a smutty/romantic encounter. This last one can easily be combined with a trick - maybe one of the characters is comforting another after a scare? For shipfic I've noted some pairings I like in the fandom sections, but a surprise ship would also be pretty fun.

Something Hallowe'en themed but not spooky or dark would also be a nice treat - something revolving around sweets (candy, maple syrup, baking, fruit), actual Hallowe'en celebrations (what do aliens think about Hallowe'en?), or something fluffy for my cryptid characters. Did you know there's an active trend on tumblr about cute cryptids dating each other? Here's an example.

Notes on the Community Bingo Challenge
I love witches, cats, pumpkins, and holidays (esp. Hallowe'en!)
I prefer vampires to zombies for undead characters
Any fic with one of my Original Work character could be tagged "Monster Mash"
A "Moss Covered Unicorn" could be a creepy statue at a creepy house . . .
"Irate Frenemy" could describe Alice's relationship to FP, maybe? Or Alex and Constance's feelings for each other?
I may suck at writing art prompts (and therefore rarely request or receive art) but I still appreciate fanart and you can treat me art if you're inspired to!

Please No killing or hurting animals, thank you. I'd also like graphic gore (mutilation/description of blood/violent wounds) restricted to Ravenous. Thank you for your understanding!

My request details are under the cut.

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