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Jul. 18th, 2017 09:57 pm
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Feeling very low.

curacao sorbet
Made Curaçao sorbet. Fresh-squeezed limes and zest, simple syrup, vodka, and Curaçao brought home from the island.

Knitting a baby blanket for someone else to give as a gift.
green blanket1

Anyone watching Will?

Robyn's new tee.

Jul. 16th, 2017 11:31 am
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Robyn let it go for a bit, she might knock Gabi out for stealing it but eh, she'll survive.

I'm not the best at keeping up on here, sometimes IG is easier (trying to figure out the tags to use to get noticed by the company okay...cause they randomly ask people to allow permission to use their photos and hot damn, please). I'm also getting sick of the online world, and now it seems my AG order is in fucking limbo. Figures, I still haven't heard back on my cancellation of Matilda.

I swear to God, if she suddenly shows up with huge fees, I'm refusing and I will e-mail and politely point out I asked for a refund and I would like it now. I don't know if I'll buy from AGFAT again after this, that idea of how to get Matilda to everyone who reserved her is just over the top stunned.

Anyway, Robyn was quite taken with her new shirt, she's pretty sure she's now reached a level of cool that was unobtainable beforehand.


I suppose, there is some status in having an AGP shirt? Robyn is convinced there is, never took her for a social ladder climber but hey...she has only been here a year (almost, hard to believe I've had Rebecca a year already).

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Honestly want to do more photos of the girls but the weather is so weird here it is hard. Either it is too hot to handle or pouring rain. I really can't wait for autumn, and I hope it is more the classic weather cause I can't handle this summer stuff into November anymore.

In other news, I might be able to go to the American Girl boutique again - I was kind of hoping for the end of August after Nanea is released. I was thinking of not getting her but now that I'm turned off of AGFAT due to the Matilda thing, I kind of want her. That and she's very different from their other dolls, but I'd like to be able to see her in person. Oddly I didn't even look at Z when I was there, not sure why. But anyway...there's some delay with this custom line which is likely going to push back Nanea. Possibly, and if you want the truth I don't know why they're doing this custom line.

Why? Have you seen the dolls, they're not that different from what you can get in the Truly Me line. What they could do, is remove half the white dolls with the classic face mold and switch it up with different skin tones and face molds, instead of this over priced custom line. Because Mattel did it with Barbie at least once and I don't think it lasted long. Because really, your doll will not be a one of a kind no matter what they say - there may be a million options but you could still make the same as someone else, and really, I imagine a lot of people will make blondes with blue eyes and the classic face mold.

Just my opinion, but they likely should either hold off on that for awhile or just scrap it.

I'm also moody, so I have nasty opinions on a lot of things lately.

Well that's cruel.

Jul. 10th, 2017 07:33 am
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Wake up and find out American Girl has free shipping on orders over $100 - not fair, cause there's stuff on there I want I can't buy here. Sadly, I want this.  Not sure if that will work, I think the American and Canadian sites are different now (we still have the old design).

Probably should sign in and make sure I can, as I heard people had to change things yet again due to the site change.  Our's is all the old look still.  And I don't know why I want the Coconut plushie, I just do.  There's a Valentine's dress, I also still sort of want this Christmas backdrop and there's a star hoodie that would look great on Lea come autumn.  Its tempting to get the slow cooker set for Sara for Christmas, cause she loves little things like that and she really lost it over Rebecca's bedroom accessories last year.

She's hard to buy for, you've no idea.

Thing is, I'm kind of waiting to see if my refund for Matilda works out.  Due to the shipment of dolls being delayed someone decided they're shipping them each, one by one, by carrier from the UK to everyone over here.  Um, no.  Customs will be tough, but the brokerage fee would be worse.  I e-mailed, heard back and sent my order number to get a refund to buy later when the dolls are actually over here.  Although honestly, I'm not sure after that I want to buy again for awhile - that was a poor business decision.  Everyone should've gotten an e-mail explaining the situation and given the choice to wait, or cancel their order for a refund.

Sadly not everyone is going to be swift enough to realize how much it will cost to get the doll into the country - cause they're each being shipping in a way they'll show up at your door.  No thanks.

That's one thing I do like about ordering from the US American Girl site - I see all the costs because they go through some company that has me pay any extra at check out.  Then I don't have to try to figure out in my head how much I may need on hand.  I wish I'd get tracking since our dear postal workers are getting lazy again...the last AG package I got I kid you not, I saw them coming and the guy already had the missed delivery tag ready.  He was going to stick it on my door, fuck you buddy.  Customs had been paid ahead of time, they're supposed to leave the package.  Not the first time they've done it, seeing as I caught them leaving and was irate - you can't say you knocked when I had two dogs at the time and neither barked.

Our postal workers, some of them, are fucking lazy.  In a world where finding a job and keeping it is hard, try doing it.  You get paid too much anyway for the crummy service we're getting at times.

Anyway...I checked the exchange and it is oddly not too insane...help me.  I don't really need more doll stuff, but the one thing would be a good Christmas present for Sara.  Almost tempting to get two, one for myself cause if Chapters does a sale again I might splurge on the table and chairs set.  I don't know, I probably wouldn't use it much but going to give myself a day or two for thinking this all over.

AG might have some quality issues at the moment, but honestly after that stunt from AGFAT I'm not tempted by them currently.  The dolls are beautiful, but it makes you question decisions they make.  That's going to run your customers a lot of money.  And well, I like buying things for my girls...I've four modern girls so really, I love my historical ones but you can have a bit more fun with Lea, Gabi, Robyn and Teresa.

This might also be the closest thing to boyish I could get for James as well. :P  I'd likely end up spending more than $100, I don't know if I should.  I hate that feeling of wanting to spend money and all.  I am kind of hoping next month we might go to the mall near the AG boutique here, but I'm not holding my breath.


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